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Skills to survive Automation: Virtues of the Technological Man

  Automation is a burning topic on the Internet. Many are concerned with the future of Automation, although some of us are still unaware of what’s to come. For those who do not know- Automation is basically automatic work. Automation…

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Understanding Critical Pedagogy: Empowering the Student

Whenever we think about schools, our own childhood experiences come flooding back to us. The teachers, the classmates, first experiences, personal gullibility, all challenges accepted and overcome, and the like. This is how a good student thinks about…

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Education in Ancient Greece and what we should learn from it

Education has always played a vital role in our world. Education is responsible for the psychological make-up of every individual. If you know certain things, only then can you reveal them through your behaviour. Education refines the student’s moral, educational and intellectual compass….

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