WORK IS WORSHIP: but what’s the logic?

“Work is worship. All works are sacred. Unselfish work is puja of narayana.”  In god creations no one is static. Everyone is working. Even the stars, the planets and the satellites are revolving. Seasons are also changing. The almighty has created us for existence. Nothing can survives without struggle. We have come to this mortal world to perform our duty. We retire after the assigned duty is finished. William Shakespeare has rightly said As You Like It.”All the world is a stage and all men and women merely players. They have their exits and entrances; And one man in his life time plays many parts.”



People look at their work in two ways. Firstly, some watch with interest and perform. Secondly, Others avoid due to laziness and disinterest.The value that is performed unselfishly is the service to mankind. Everyone should learn the art of doing value. A nation can prosper if its people are industrious. God always favours the diligent. They do it according to their tastes and abilities. There are great warriors, scientists, great poets and artists. Each has a mark in his particular field of duty. Every person should perform his work with interest, honesty and sincerity.




Man will have to focus hard to achieve success. Human life is not a bed of roses. There is keen competitions. We shall lag behind if we are not up and doing. We cannot obtain desired result if we do not strive and preserve. The path to success is not smooth. It is stony and thorny. It has obstacles. But we will have to overcome them  to surpass above all the others. Workless life creates laziness and diseases.

Thinking without working is hazardous. So we should not think only. We should act. Only action will fulfill our desires. more thinking without working will bring failure. Scientists and philosophers think of doing noble work for mankind. Sages contemplate about soul and God to attain salvation.

We ought to give the mind to God and hand to work. It can enables us to reach the pinnacle of success.  Our dedication is our devotion. So everyone of us should be done try to be a Karma Yogi. Our work should be done with zeal and passion. We should not be discouraged be failures.  In my opinion every one of us will have to see God in his duty.  Soldiers,  teachers, farmers, doctors and all working person must do selfless, devoted and zealous work. Our dedicated hard work will contribute to our  nation and humankind with a floral tribute to the creator.


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