10 things only a DU student can relate to

If there is an Indian University almost everyone in the world knows about, it’s DU! It is a cultural landmark. There is a different shine to it. Every student dreams of getting a college affiliated by Delhi University. Although the university ranks between 600 to 800th place in the World University Rankings, it has its own place in India. Ranked 144th in Asia University Rankings, the university attracts millions of applicants for the courses it offers. Since the university is relevant to the entire country, it’s an evergreen hot topic. With the on-going admission process, it is the perfect time to focus the spotlight on the students of DU.


10 Things All DU Students Will Relate To




With all this hustle-bustle of everyday college life, you get a rich slice of life. You get to be among the best students that are able to make the cut. As a student, you learn something new about this massive group of people you’re with every day. All of the students belong to different cultures, have different values. No wonder most of the trends are created in this very hub of students.


2.  The Cut-off lists:



Every student dreads the time of admission. As a student of Delhi University, you feel you’ve already done the impossible. Every time you look at the news or go outside to your friends to hang out, this is all you hear about. You are proud of having done something which you yourself thought was improbable. The DU cut off sky-rockets up to a 100% in some colleges. It is one of the toughest admission processes a DU student has to go through.


3. You know the city all too well!



Of course, exploration of unknown territories is always on your agenda. Whenever the day gets too boring, you plot out a plan to venture into the world of different cuisines, locals and cultures with your friends. You navigate the way for occasionally lost strangers through the confusing streets of Chandni Chowk. That is how well you know Delhi.


4. You’ve gotten used to terms like ‘Bhasad’ or ‘Sutta’



I mean, we’re talking about college students here. The blood will take time to chill out. Until then, life is a party and everyone is here to enjoy. You don’t mind it. Things are good. Hedonism and happiness are in the air.


5. The bunks:



You’re in the class and time cannot be slower than this. Everything is boring to you at this point. Nothing can save you from the oblivion looking into your eyes, but the outside world. As it turns out, you go out, find some familiar faces, and the event takes the shape into a college bunk. Weird, but that is how things go with you. It’s all cool, though. Life’s a party and you’re in it.


6. The societies:



Well, well, well, just when you thought the privileges would stop, here are some more. DU has multiple ECA (Extra-curricular activity) societies. You can take up theatre acting, sociology club, different support groups and many more. These societies are a better use of time than bunking classes. With the help of these societies, you will graduate as an experienced student.


7. We caught you now, you foodie!



This goes without saying. All this time in DU has made you a food connoisseur. There is nothing you don’t know of from the canteen. There hasn’t been a restaurant menu you haven’t memorized, just in case. Every lunch takes you to a new place, every night is a new dish from Zomato. You’ve seen it all and you’ve had it all.


8. The politics:



Quite frankly, you’ve had it enough of the yearly college elections, and so have we. The entire thing is a poor imitation of real-world elections. You get to enjoy plenty because of it, so it isn’t so bad as long as the whole thing works in your favour.





Guest musicians, battle-of-the-bands, concerts and endless fun. Does it get any better than this?


10. You’re proud of being a Delhi University student:



With so much going on, you know you made the right decision. You are one of the very few who made it into the game. You know it was worth it. Life is good and it is heading in the right direction. You have friends you will never forget. You found some of the best professors ever and their company only made you smarter. You’re proud of the things you’re part of and represent in the world.

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