Skills to survive Automation: Virtues of the Technological Man


Automation is a burning topic on the Internet. Many are concerned with the future of Automation, although some of us are still unaware of what’s to come. For those who do not know- Automation is basically automatic work. Automation excludes the need for an employee for a job to work. This is possible because of the developments in fields such as Robotics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Although not all jobs are under attack, many industries will downsize as we move toward newer levels of Automation. One study from McKinsey Global Institute provides a shocking possibility. It says that we will be losing about 800 million jobs worldwide due to Automation. This is similar to what happened during the Industrial Revolution. Due to the revolution, the human race shifted away from purely agricultural societies to industrial ones.

Another study based in India, by Willis Turner Watson, gives us more practical insight on the issue. The study shows that Indian companies will double their automated jobs in the next 3 years. From the current percentage of 14%, the automation rates will go as high as 27%.

If this seems scary, then you aren’t alone. This is especially important for students since they have the time and opportunity to prepare for the worst. Here is a list of skill sets and career options which will give you a higher ground against these ruthless changes.


Skills You Must Have to Survive Automation

1. Creativity:



Who knew the tendency to be random will be beneficial in the age of automation? Creative people can always think outside the box. Creativity is something everyone innately has. To cultivate creativity, one must have proficiency in language as well as the spontaneity to use it. Of course, you cannot rely on creativity all the time, but it is a must-have skill.

2. Complex Problem Solving



We are always in dire need of problem solvers. With the rise of automation, new problems will emerge. Complex problem solvers should be able to spot complications which are yet to come out. The ability to foresee problems will make you a valuable employee of any company.

3. Critical Thinking



With the use of Critical Thinking, new horizons will open up for you. Critical Thinkers can interpret data into different forms of strategies which will bring economic stability to your business. Despite of it being a rare skill, it is easy to cultivate if you know the technical aspects of your work.

4. Emotional Intelligence



One of the more unusual qualities in the lot, but surely an important one. Emotional Intelligence is referred to as the ability of an individual to empathize with another person. As machines are yet to understand human emotions and feelings, human beings are the best candidates for this skill.


5. Coordinating well with others



As most things will be treated by automated machines, human beings will have to deal with human affairs. For that, we will need team players. To work well with others and maintaining a high group efficiency, one must be calm and well-mannered.


6. Taking on multiple personas



This comes as a bummer, but it is just a mere consequence of our highly competitive environment. In addition to being a valuable social skill, it will make you more well adjusted.


Fields of study which are likely to have plenty of job opportunities


1. Artificial Intelligence:

Making machines smarter using Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Neural Networks.

2. Virtual Reality:

Creating virtual interactive environments for video games and other purposes.

3. Drone Engineering:

As drones are being used in many sectors such as films, security and surveillance, drone engineering is good to go for.

4. Robotics and Automation:

Well, ironic, isn’t it?

5. Genomics

Biotechnology is a field where many spaces are open for progress.

6. Data Science

Where data will be studied thoroughly, from multiple perspectives.

7. Nano-Technology

In military operations, Nanotechnology will be of real use.

8. Quantum Computing:

Computing on an atomic level.

9. Data Analytics:

Interpretations of data for real-world planning and decision making.


Although many jobs are endangered, these industries are likely to have a longer lifespan than the rest:

1. Computer and Software Programmers
2. Medical and Physical Therapists
3. Sales and Marketing Representatives
4. Content Creators and Creatives
5. Teachers and trainers
6. Management Analysts


These jobs mentioned above will have the most demand by 2020.


The wisest move for any student should be preparing themselves for what is to come. As humanity has passed through so many revolutions, this is nothing different. If we decide that we won’t be left behind, only then can we truly contend.


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