10 Things that happen on your first day In the college

First day in college, a day that is remembered for life long. This day creates a new journey for our life in whole. Journey of freedom, wise decision, finding your real passion and so on. College brings an excitement in us to achieve something on our own along with independent way of becoming a responsible human being. There are plenty of new ideas and thoughts that keeps on running in our mind. How should i dress tomorrow? Are my subjects according to my passion? How is the campus life of my college? and so on. These are some common questions that we all must have thought once before starting our college life. Here are some Trendy points that a students go through in his/her first day of college definitely:


The very first day of your college is never completed if you haven’t started conversations with your classmates. Its the very first day when you try to start the conversations with someone you feel the same vibes and comfortness. College friends turns out as life time buddies. They have seen are worst and good time. First day you may not get comfortable with everyone but once you start conversations the group gradually start to expand and then this group becomes the most comfortable persons to be around for life long.


On the very first the first thing that is acted in almost every class is introducing your self. Proper managements of words with a touch of humour in it is all every one loves to hear about you. We get to know about each other through this part of your class itself. Many becomes friend just because they belong with same home town. Its the first representation of your self infront of the whole class. That gives someones butterfly in their stomach that they cant even speak up for more than 2 minutes and some use this opportunity to make sure that they represent well.


The very first you attend the class you get to know about the timely assignments¬† that you have to complete and start doing in every semester. This is the only link that may lead to really healthy conversations with other classmates. Bunch of PDF’s in your phones and chatting long on whatsapp groups start becoming your daily routine. Completing each others assignments and in return taking a party for the effort that you have done is all that make your bond forever cherished.


The very first thing that every students haunts for is a good campus life and helpful faculty.Firstly our professors introduce themselves and gives us a brief introduction on how are graduation is going to shape our future.This is how we feel more connected with them as they guide us. On the basis of the experience that we get in our first class of every subjects we decide that will we take the next lecture or not. Yes it sounds irresponsible but that the reality with every college students. And it adds icing on the cake if your friends also think same as you.


College is the perfect place where you can get trendy styling update. There are lots of videos out in you tube where they teach you the coolest and trendy look that you can wear on daily basis. Its the perfect place to know what is out of style and what is ongoing style.


College life begins with many challenges also but with an excitement within that how is life ahead going to be. Managing your own stuff, controlling your finance, making wise choice on your own without the shades of your parents are all new to you. There is an immense feeling of to do something on which our parents can be proud of. We find something very hassle sometimes to find the right choice of your own. Which also makes you do wrong sometimes but we learn with all our bad choices that we make. One successful choice is structured above many wrong choices.


It is never securing top rank in your class it is about how you have made your life worth living because of education. Passion is most important to follow so that you can enjoy your work that you do. If passion is in build in work it will definitely lead to success. College brings us immense exposure so that we can find and grow our passion in real. Various societies in dance,singing,drama are their where we can try our luck.


Its the best part of the first day to explore the college campus. Seeing the campus and feeling happy that you have finally achieve something in your life. On the very first day if someone ask you about how was the day you only speak up about how your campus looks where and how huge it is. Library becomes so attractive and playground becomes perfect place to click photos.


On our first day of college every one would have visited canteen to have some eatables. Its the chatting place after long lectures and also the bunking space for many. At the end of the college there will be definitely a list of things that you and your group have to pay for.



And finally the last section of every college maggi point. It’s almost mandatory to have at least one point where you and your group spends more time rather than in class its here. You would have tasted almost every treat that is in their menu. With lots of chit chats and discussions about life’s up and down.





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