7 Essential Skills For College Freshmen

College is a new and exciting place for students. It is always the case for the majority of freshmen. There are many groups, societies and cultures present on college campuses, which help students become more aware of the world. Such a rich environment is vital for students to become bolder and braver. However, college often has a different lifestyle than whatever the students know of. Without knowing how to face these challenges, the students suffer and become rigid and unreceptive to new experiences.

With these 7 skills in their hands, the students will learn to survive and succeed in getting a proper education.


1. Goal Setting:


Setting goals in both short-term and long-term basis help students to be organised. Short-term goal setting is effective in helping students study, prepare for exams and keeping their lives together. You can think of Short-term goal setting as a reduced chunk of Long-term goal setting. Long-term goal setting, in turn, lets students make use of their actions and strategies efficiently.


2. Time Management:


Having a schedule and sticking to it is an integral part of every process. Not only does time management help in keeping your life together, but it also increases feelings of overall satisfaction and peace. Furthermore, the nature of college is rather chaotic for freshmen. Time Management alleviates that lack of control and replaces it with feelings of control and balance.


3. Economic skills:


What better place is there to learn about being your own maker than college? Where you have only one source of income and a ton of responsibilities, managing your money makes a huge difference. With this habit, you can maintain your lifestyle in the best possible manner, regardless of how much resources you get. Remember folks, it’s all about planning.

4. Studying (duh!):


Of course, everyone studies in college. That is what you are there for. However, the problem is many students fall prey to groups who pretty much do nothing but waste everyone’s time. Due to such distractions, it is hard for students to make time for studying. This is especially crucial for students with serious life goals. A college education is no joke, and it shouldn’t be treated like one.


5. Interpersonal Skills:


When it comes to getting all the help you can get, you need to turn to others. In college, you have your classmates, professors and instructors to communicate with. With the ability to be clear, concise and appropriate, you can get the most out of your relationships in college. Although interpersonal skills require you to be extroverted and social, you definitely gain a lot from them. Being social is the way to go.


6. Networking:


Networking is one of the most substantial ways of getting ahead in college. It is an easy way of gaining popularity and having plenty of options in the times of necessity.  Most jobs are distributed through the means of networking. Having a handle on social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Naukri.com is a great option as well, to begin with.


7. Being an Avid Reader:


College students are open to all sorts of experiences, ranging from academic to romantic. Being a reader will give students different perspectives on things we witness in our lives. There are many ways in which we can understand things. Everything has multiple dimensions. Knowing about them and contemplating on them is all one needs to become more strong, courageous and opinionated.







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