Teaching Techniques Everyone Should Use!

Learning and Teaching are intermingled. One represents the opposite facet of another. However, both serve the same master: Education. In this day and age, where only the smartest can hope to reach the top, it is a necessity to be a great student. A lot of students lose their way while trying to better themselves as students since they lack experience. Having learned these Teaching Techniques, students get to control their own learning. These techniques not only remove any fear the students have regarding their studies but also make things simple and accessible.


5 Teaching Techniques Everyone Should Use


1. Self-Learning:


Self-Learning is important in more than one ways. Students have the control of self-learning. It is essential, as students become sick and tired of the conventional ways of teaching they see in school. Many research programs have proved that students learn better if they have their own system for education.

In a famous TedTalk, Professor of Educational Technology at Newcastle University, Sugata Mitra shared some interesting results. The research looked at the student’s performance after they had Internet access. The results were astonishing. Students became interested in multiple subjects and did not report any learning difficulties. This proves that given favourable conditions, learning is easy.

2. The Use of Gaming:


Seems like an uncanny idea, except works perfectly. Games use motivation as the central idea. As long as the student expects a reward, he keeps making efforts to get the best results out. Therefore, learning through gaming is an excellent tool for learning. Only quizzes, for example, assign reward points to the students, based on their performance on the quiz


3. Preparing for the next lesson:


This method is very effective. They key idea is preparing for the next class by studying the things you have not touched yet. After having studied the whole thing before the class, students are well equipped to handle any confrontation in class. They can answer more questions and along with that, strengthen their understanding.


4. Design Thinking:


Design Thinking is oriented on finding clues, connecting them to find an emerging pattern and brainstorming to solve the arising problems. This method is generally used by police officers, the military, MBA students and many more. The motive behind Design Thinking is to prepare students for what actually happens on the field. Consequently, students use these abilities to make the most out of their work in the field.

5. Social Media:


Here is an example of how culture is responsible for constant change. Students use social media to chase their preferences, share their ideas and desires and engage in social behavior. However, Social Media is a game only those can successfully play who have a subtle command on language. Students see a lot of competition on social media. Everyone is trying to do something more innovative. Students find motivation in that, and refine their overall skills to fit the spot. As far as Teaching Techniques go, this is a rather fun-one.


Learning is not necessarily that hard. How you approach it is the deciding factor. With these Teaching Techniques, you will learn everything you ever wanted to.


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