Technology keeps evolving. Its inevitable part of the society in which we live in. And most effected from these evolving technologies are TEENAGERS. Its a quite two way approach. We as a teenage are most important tools for the usage of technology in the right way. If we fail to understand the worth of it, then it has the worth to destroy our life. Discussing about evolving technology here is the one of the most trending tech being popular among students the “MIND MACHINE”. This is the new way to enter the “Learning State” in 7 minutes and wakes up a little of the genius inside you.

First of all, Mind Machine is an electronic device and requires your MP3 player or iPod or PC or Mobile phone with MP3 player to work. Journalists are among the first to get the fascinated by the results of mind machine and their ability. It has a hardware (Mind machine CPU, brain booster mind glasses, headphone) and programs. With only a click of a button, it puts you in the learning state, so you longer with better memory. You’ll be confident you have the ability to study longer with high concentration.

What is the “LEARNING STATE” ?

Can you think of a time or event in your life when “learning” something was very easy for you ? It would be to learn something in a book, to ride a bike, to play a game. At such times, you know with certainty “you can do it”. So you study longer with better concentration and remember more of what you learn. That is being in a learning state. And, being in such a wonderful states wakes up a little of genius inside you. Mind machine puts you in “learning state”.

Get 3 Big Benefits:

[1] Learning State :

Change your brainwaves to enter the learning the “learning state”, study long hours with high concentration and remember more of what you learn.

[2] Exam Mastery:

Program your subconscious mind to write your exam confidently with speed and accuracy. It trains your mind to know how to write efficiently in approximate time.

[3] Stress Relief:

Reduces stress and help to focus more in achieving success. You benefit immediately because there are no techniques to learn and practice. You will be trained in such a way that you will create you own techniques.

Scientifically proven:

At first there were many question put up regarding the safety of those who use it. Hence, many scholars where researching upon this problem. Only after it was proven effective and safe in 7 years of research by 5 PhD scholars with 120 students, the head recommended it finally.




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About the Author: Diksha Ghosh